​Ma N' Paws Dogwalking

& Pet Services 

​​​Payment and Methods

We accept interact e-mail money transfers, cash and *cheques. 

*Any NSF fees will be applied to your account.

Send e-mail money transfers to:


Make cheques payable to Ma N' Paws Dogwalking 

Access for pick-up/drop-off

Owners are responsible for arranging access to their home,

apartment/condo and prearranging access with building staff 

if needed.  You will need to let us know where the dog is to be

left when returned.  Please provide a towel and a plastic bag

for use on wet days.   We will make every reasonable effort 

to get your dog out for their walk however, if we cannot 

gain access we will move on and the days charge will still apply.

Pet Behaviour/ Safety

Only vaccinated, spayed/neutered, City of Toronto registered dogs are permitted to use this service.  If at a pick up/drop off or anytime during a walk your dog shows aggressive behaviour the visit will be ended and service may need to be terminated pending owner corrective action.  Ultimately the owner is responsible for the actions of their animal.  


In the case of severe weather (mainly lightning, high winds) we will ensure your dog is relieved but may cut the walk short as a result.  The customer is responsible for providing a towel and plastic bag to allow for clean-up. 

​If possible, designate a contained area for your dog if he/she comes home wet.

Cancellation Policy

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice of a cancellation or a full charge will apply.

Emergency Care

In the case of an emergency your pet will be taken to the nearest Veterinarian.  Every reasonable effort will be made to contact you.  All charges incurred are the responsibility of the owner.  A $20 per hour charge will apply.


We cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your property by your dog before our arrival of after dropping them off.